Trekking in Caucasus Mountains


The Caucasus is the largest and highest mountain area in Europe, situated between Black and Caspian Seas.The scenery is truly breathtaking – incredibly wild and free from human interference. There are not so many cableways, hotels and no handrails along the paths hacked in the rocks. It is quite the opposite of the Alps experience; trekking in the Caucasus Mountains you will have a feeling of treading the terra incognita.
Our trekking is located in the Bezengi valley. It is the most spectacular place in the Caucasus Mountains surrounded by the highest peaks, including five of seven 5000m peaks and some of the longest glaciers. Our trekking starts in Bezengi Camp at 2000m where you can find everything you could need to fully relax: fantastic hospitality, excellent traditional cuisine, a cosy pub, comfortable cottage houses, a sauna and much more. From there we will guide you through green and vivid moraines with outstanding views of wide, austere glaciers and huge, beautiful snow-covered summits.
After walking deeper into the valley we reach the point when we can admire the view of Bezegi Wall. It is one of the three Caucasian wonders – sharp as a knife, 12 km long – a monumental mountain barrier. Our camping spots are situated in the most charming places, among the lush greenery, rhododendrons and turquoise postglacial lakes. Don’t be surprised if we meet on our way vivacious chamoises and noble mouflons.
For those who seek a more challenging experience we also offer trekking to relatively easy summits with great panoramic views.Exploring the Bezengi valley is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see some of the most amazing valleys in the world.



Activity: trekking with mountain guide
Where: Bezengi valley, Caucasus, Russia
Client’s experience: All levels
Groups: up to 3 clients per one guide, second guide available if needed
Price per day: please contact us to get information about the price
We adjust our offer to individual client’s needs and expectations.


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