ICE CLIMBING CLINICS – Rjukan, Hemsedal. Norway.

We kindly invite you to join our ice climbing clinics. Ice climbing clinics is “master your skills” program dedicated to ice climbers who know the basics. Our program is run by very experience ice climber and mountain guide IVBV / UIAGM / IFMGA.


We can recommend you to climb with us in Rjukan, known as a ice climbers Mecca, with short access and endless variations of ice routes. We will be able to provide ice climbing clinics in Hemsedal, if this location is more suitable for you or if the actual ice condition is better there.

Our goal is to analyze individual case and design the best program to quickly improve you skills, prepare you to become independent climber and teach you to lead.

We will teach you how to independently choose your climbing route, how to assess conditions, and how to choose correct line in between ice formations while analyzing potential risk.

We want you to be able to place your protection in the best possible spots. At the same time we will show you how to organize your protection along the whole rope length. We will enrich your climbing skills with knowledge about how to save your energy while climbing and minimize the risk of falling.

We will teach how to climb efficiently and we will focus on your technique and safety. Our program includes also practical exercises in building anchors in ice for both belaying and ascending and rescue techniques.

Activity: Ice climbing clinics
Where: Rjukan, Hemsedal. Norway
When: December – March
Customer’s experience: Required minimum basic level
Groups: Up to 4 customers per one guide.
Second guide available if needed.
Duration: from 1 to 3 days

Price per day:
1 person 3500 NOK
2 persons 4000 NOK
3-4 persons 4500 NOK

Transportation (return) from Oslo airports and during the course: 1000 NOK per group. Any extra day (over course duration) for pick up or drop off on the airport is charged 1000 NOK per day.

We can assist you to book your accommodation. Customers are responsible for guides full board accommodation if course is longer then one day.

We adjust our offer to individual customer’s needs and expectations.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. To book your trip please click the button below.

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