SKI TOURING COURSE FOR BEGINNERS – NORWAY: Hemsedal, Haukeli, Sogn, West Jonunheimen, Sunnmøre.

We kindly invite you to join our ski touring for beginners course run by professional mountain guide IVBV / UIAGM / IFMGA.

Our program is design for experienced skiers who can ride on piste and offpiste in the ski resort. We would love to show you possibility of skiing in the wild mountains without the crowds and teach you how to do it safe.

In order to develop solid ski touring experience our program includes: ski touring techniques, avalanche risk management, pre-planning methods, navigation and avalanche rescue. We’ll provide you with all necessary information about devices, equipment and clothes you need while ski touring. We will present you lectures followed by slideshows and we will exercise in the mountains. Our program contains several ski tours when you will be able to practice your knowledge.

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We will be situated in one of the best Norwegian mountain regions with majestic peaks. Here we will exercise ski touring and enjoy amazing nature. Amazing views and unique Norwegian nature make our ski touring course unforgettable.

Activity: ski touring for beginners course.
Where: Hemsedal, Haukeli, Sogn, West Jonunheimen, Sunnmøre. Norway.
When: December – May
Customer’s experience: advanced ski resort riders
Groups: up to 6 customers per one guide
Second guide available if needed
Duration: 2-5 days

Price per day
1 person 3000 NOK
2 persons 4000 NOK
3 persons 4500 NOK
any extra person (up to 6) is charged 500 NOK

Transportation cost depends on the distance.
Any extra day (over course duration) for pick up or drop off at the airport is charged 1000 NOK per day.
We can assist you to book your accommodation.
Customers cover guide full board accommodation.
We adjust our offer to individual customer’s needs and expectations.
Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
To book your trip please click the button below.

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