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The area around Sogn og Fjordane is famous not only for its blue fjords, spectacular mountains and the largest glacier in continental Europe, but it is also known as ‘the land of waterfalls’. It is a unique area which attracts waterfall admirers in the summer, who can here encounter some of the largest waterfalls in Norway.  During the winter the water freezes and it’s the turn of the ice climbers to enjoy the frozen waterfalls! All enthusiasts of ice climbing will be satisfied.


We invite you to climb the amazing icefalls of this area. Unexpected formations of ice  surrounded by beautiful nature make climbing here unforgettable.

Most of the icefalls are located close to fjords or in wild valleys. You can find extremely long or quite short lines, so we can adjust our offer to individual abilities. Generally easy access make this adventure available for anyone with good physical condition.


We have the opportunity to arrange programmes for both beginners and experienced climbers. The length of each day varies from 5 to 10hours. We also provide ice climbing courses.

Activity: Ice climbing with a mountain guide, ice climbing courses
Where: Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
When: February, March2014
Customer’s experience: All levels
Groups: up to 3 customers per one guide,  second guide available if needed.
Price  per person per day:
Mountain guide IVBV per day plus transport to ice climbing spots:
1 person 3500 NOK
2 persons 4000 NOK
3-4 persons 4500 NOK
Full board accommodation per day -1000nok
Boat trips
Cross-country trips
Yoga practice
Massage sessions
Family friendly house
Discount if booking for 5 days or more.
We adjust our offer to individual customer’s needs and expectations.
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