Fjord ski touring in Norway: Sogn og Fjordane, Lofoten, Lyngen Alps



Sogn og Fjordane is a spectacular area in Western Norway where the blue fjords meet white mountains.
If your dream is to ski while enjoying unique views on blue water then Sogn og Fjordane is the perfect place for you. Jotunheimen, called the home of the giants, is the largest Norwegian mountain range characteristic for its Alpine-like scenery. Moreover, the largest glacier in continental Europe, Jostedalbreen, is also situated in Sogn og Fjordane. Most of the ski tours have either with an amazing view of Jotunheimen or are actually located there. As this area is known for its large amount of snowfall throughout the year, powder will be provided for sure.
We have the opportunity to arrange programmes for both beginners and experienced skiers. We offer ski tours from 700m up to 1500m of ascent per day and more on combined tours. The length of each day varies from 5 to 10 hours.



Activity: ski touring with a mountain guide
Where: Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
Customers’s experience: All levels, an adequate level of skiing is required
Groups: up to 5 customers per one guide,  second guide available if needed
Price per day:
Mountain guide IVBV per day plus transportation:
-group of 5: 4500nok
-group of 4: 4000nok
-group from 1 to 3: 3500nok
Full board accommodation per person per day: 1000nok
Additional activities:
Boat trips
Cross-country trips
Yoga practice
Massage sessions
Family friendly house
We adjust our offer to individual customer’s needs and expectations. Discount if booking for 5 days or more.


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