ICE CLIMBING TOUR WITH MOUNTAIN GUIDE – NORWAY: Rjukan, Hemsedal, Eidfjord, Setesdal, Lærdalen, Årdal, Gudvangen, Eresfjord and more…

We kindly invite you to join our ice climbing tours run by professional mountain guide IVBV / UIAGM / IFMGA.
We tailor our program to individual needs. Persons who know ice climbing basics and are in good physical condition (capable to climb for many hours on long routes) are very welcome.
We don’t require leading skills, but you have to know all the multi-pitch climbing procedures with focus on proper belaying the leader climber and you must be able to operate in gloves (cleaning after leader) and be experienced in ascending.


If you are complete beginner we would suggest you to join our beginner course first. If your goal is to improve your climbing skills then the best for you is our ice climbing clinics. Both of the programs concentrate on teaching process but at the same time are very adventurous and always located in fantastic climbing areas.

We can recommend you to climb with us in Rjukan, known as a ice climbers Mecca, with short access and endless variations of ice routes. We can offer you round trip in Norway and show you the best of the ice lines. We can combine your trip with some of the famed Norwegian classics. If you are unclear about where to go we can always suggest you the destination and climbing goals.
If you decide to climb with Chillup Guide it is beyond question that your climbing objects will be customized to your abilities and selected to actual conditions. At the same time your trip will be the most effective and your safety is our priority. Additionally we can assure you that the surroundings of our climbs are simply amazing and you will never forget it. Our trips are combination of efficient climbing and enjoying of wild, beautiful Norwegian nature.

Activity: Ice climbing tour with mountain guide
Where: all around in Norway
When: December – March
Customer’s experience: advance
Groups: up to 2 customers per one guide,
second guide available if needed.
Duration: from 1 to 7 days (and more)

Price per day:

1 person 3500 NOK.
2 persons 4500 NOK.
Discount if booking for 5 days or more.

Transportation cost depends on the distance.

Any extra no climbing day (for pick up or drop off at the airport, when we travel between regions or have a rest day) is charged:
1000 NOK per day.
If the trip is longer (from 4 climbing days) we will not charge additional fee for no climbing days on the trip.

We can assist you to book your accommodation.
Customers cover guide full board accommodation.

We adjust our offer to individual customer’s needs and expectations.
Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.




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