ALPINE CLIMBING COURSE in Hemsedal and West Jotunheimen, Norway —BOOK YOUR TRIP 2017

We kindly invite you to join our alpine climbing course run by international mountain guide IVBV / UIAGM / IFMGA.
Our program is dedicated to all of you who have at least rock and ice climbing experience. By climbing experience we understand in this particular case leading skills.

If you are complete beginner we would suggest you to join our
winter mountaineering course first. Ice climbing course for beginners and ice climbing clincs are also good combination with alpine climbing in the future. All of the programs concentrate on teaching process but at the same time are very adventurous and always located in fantastic climbing areas.


In order to develop solid foundation of alpine climbing experience we will provide you with all necessary information in theoretical part and essential practice in the mountains. Our program includes tutorial about how to be a leader in your climbing team and how to make right decisions as well before and during climbing and to make conclusions about it after. Our goal is to prepare you to be an independent climber so it will be possible for you to choose and climb your route even in completely unknown area based only on previous research and collected information.

We will be situated in Hemsedal and West Jotunheimenal (homeland of the giants), in the alpine scenery of Norwegian highest mountains and majestic peaks. Here we will practice alpine climbing and enjoy amazing nature.

Course includes:
Crampons usage techniques and ice axe positioning
Self arrest
Roped glacier travel and crevasse rescue
Anchors construction, belaying, rappelling and rope management
Alpine climbing techiques in variety of terrain with natural protection
Avalanche knowledge
Bivouac management

Activity: alpine climbing course.
Where: Hemsedal and West Jotunheimen (Hurrungane). Norway.
When: January – September
Customer’s experience: advance
Groups: up to 2 customers per one guide
Second guide available if needed
Duration: 5-7 days (minimum)

Price per day
1 person 3000 NOK
2 persons 4000 NOK

Transportation (return) from Oslo airports: 5000 NOK per group

Accommodation: 250 nok per person/day without food (self service)
Customers are responsible for guides full board accommodation.

We adjust our offer to individual customer’s needs and expectations.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. To book your trip please go to booking section on our website.



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